This is the home-page of J-ICE: A Jmol Interface for Crystallographic and Electronic Properties.

J-ICE: The 1st online viewer for Crystallographic and Electronic properties. Check it out.

Java Compatibility

User who installed the last Java Virtual Machine (JVM 8.0) please follow these instructions to execute J-ICE. here

News: last release J-ICE V. 2.1.0 is now available


  1. VASP OUTCAR reader fix.
  2. QuantumEspresso version 5.1.2 bug fix
  3. Frequency bug fix
  4. Raster image export bug fix
  5. Bug fixed on POV-Ray images
  6. CRYSTAL14 outputs now supported.
  7. New formats supported animated Xcrysden *.axtal files.
  8. Many bugs fixed and few new options added.
  9. New introductory miniguides. Click here.

J-ICE first release dates back 20TH OCTOBER 2010

What to cite when using J-ICE?

Please quote this citation in your manuscripts:

J-ICE: a new Jmol interface for handling and visualizing Crystallographic and Electronics properties“, P. Canepa, R. M. Hanson, P. Ugliengo, M. Alfredsson J. Appl. Cryst. 44, 225 (2011).” [doi]

Read the JICE-paper


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J-ICE is distributed under the General Public License [GNU]. As such J-ICE can be freely downloaded and modified.


I (P. Canepa) would like to thank Dr. Y. Noel (at Université Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris, France) for his inspiration. Dr. M. Alfredsson, must not be forgotten for having supported with grit my idea. Colleagues of Room 104 at the Physical Sciences department at University of Kent, Canterbury, UK.
In sequence come Prof. P. Ugliengo and his Group for their endless patience spotting errors and giving suggestions and Prof. R. Dovesi for having very well welcomed my idea. A special thank also goes to Prof. R. Hanson at the chemistry department of St. Olaf College (Minnesota, USA) and the Jmol crew.